Monday, February 11, 2013

New blog!

Hi guys! Lately I've been told by multiple people I should start a blog to share some of my healthy (& delicious!) recipes in easy to follow steps so you can make them at home. Most of the recipes are SO easy, quick and are full of nutritious ingredients. All of my recipes are gluten free and I rarely, if ever, use table sugar as a sweetener. Most of my baked goods are made with honey or unsweetened fruit juice and I will never use aspartame or a 'low calorie sweetener'.  The process of cooking your food can often make or break a meal both in taste and nutrition value.  For this reason all of my recipes will use the stove or oven! NO MICROWAVES ALLOWED. I have not used my microwave for about 2 years now and believe me, life is better without it! I hope you follow my recipes and learn to love healthy eating and nutrition as much as I do! If you ever have any questions or suggestions let me know!

“Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork.” ~ English Proverb

Love to all :)

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