Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Are you ready for a great spice to use on greens, rice, meats, and cheese?? In our house we call it "blend", sounds plain and ordinary but it really is just a blend of a few spices that we use on everything!!

1. Get an extra spice jar (empty out an old spice or buy a new spice at the grocery store that you need anyways and save the jar when your done)

2. This step you can do two ways.  My favorite is to go to mountainroseherbs.com and buy a 4oz package of the following spices: Turmeric Root Power, Cumin Powder, Paprika Powder, Red Chili Powder.  The other way to get these is to buy it in small containers that cost more, are less fresh, and less quantity than buying it in bulk.  While your ordering at Mountain Rose I suggest buying other spices as well, their Garlic Powder is awesome! I also use the Italian Blend, Oregano, Peppermint Leaf (for tea), and many many more.  Get whatever sounds good to you, its cheap, fresh and good for you!

3. In equal parts, fill the empty glass spice container with Turmeric, Cumin, and Paprika.  Top it off with 1/2 tsp of chili powder and shake! Use liberally on cheese, bell peppers, spinach, chicken, rice, etc!!

“The greatest wealth is Health.”

Love to all

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